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Depending on what car you drive sourcing parts can be tough, obviously the parts for Skoda Fabia Cars are completely different to the parts for a Bentley, so you need to make sure you have a parts dealer who has the right stock, your best bet is a garage that specializes in scrapping certain brand cars that are similar to yours. No matter what the part, we are sure we can help you find it or at least be able to help you make your next move if the part you are after is particularly rare.

Whether you are after a new set of Alloy Wheels for your Range Rover, a new Door for your Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a new Clutch for your Ford Fiesta or a new Exhaust for your Toyota Prius? Then look no further! We will offer competitive rates to ensure that you get the best deal possible on any parts you require

Whilst you may think your easiest option is to go through car repair services when you need a new part, you can save a lot of money buying your own part online at sites such as Car Research and due to these internet sites, it is now much easier to buy them for yourself, all you need to do is enter the part you need and then submit. Within minutes you will receive feedback from people who are looking to sell that exact part! Back in the day I worked for a garage called Used Cars Bookham and we often had to source parts for cars and the old fashioned methods were so long winded and often unsuccessful, when ever I have to get a Part these days, I turn straight to the internet.


DIY – Once you have located and found the part for your used car it may well be worth doing some research to find out if you can fit the part for yourself. This could potentially save you a lot more money, and it gives you something to brag about down the pub. If not it is still worth buying the part for yourself online, and then taking it to the garage, this way you will only have to pay for the labour costs of the garage.

Different Sites- It is always worth shopping around a bit for the best deal possible. Whilst you can usually find anything cheaper online, remember the prices are still competitive, whilst you might find a quote better than that of the local garage, you may still be able to find a greater discount after some further browsing.