Mercedes-Benz R Class


The Mercedes-Benz R-Class seats six very comfortably. Mercedes’ equipped the premium MPV with 4×4 capabilities as standard. The car was designed for motorway cruising and has a definite up-market feel.

The driver is well catered for with a highly adjustable seat and steering-wheel. The front row of seats provides an excellent seating position and very comfortable seats, the middle row of seats are comfortable but not as supportive as the front. Headroom is limited in the rearmost seats and the seats themselves are more suited to children.5dbe810e2449428a8ae10076ce2b933b

The Mercedes-Benz R-Class is highly equipped and provides superb comfort. The R320 CDI with 224bhp is refined and provides excellent motorway cruising. The 272bhp R350 V6 is fairly quick, while the refined 306bhp R500 is even faster, it can go from 0- 60mph in 6.9 seconds. It boasts a top speed of 149mph.

The R-Class can be difficult to drive around town, and the car’s size makes it hard to maneuver through crowded streets and parking can be equally challenging.

The rear four seats fold down into the floor to increase cargo space. The car’s seating and cargo versatility add practicality to the R-Class especially for families and the activities that accommodate a family life-style.


The R-Class is a very up-market MPV, buyers will immediately feel the quality that is on offer and know exactly what they are paying for. The car’s petrol engines tend to be thirsty and return poor fuel economy; the diesel engines are much more economical. The car should enjoy high resale value as well.

This car is not short on space at all. Front and middle row passengers enjoy excellent head and legroom, and the rearmost passengers enjoy plenty of legroom but limited headroom due to the car’s sloping roof.

The car’s fascia is beautifully designed. The panel looks clean and well organized. The materials used are of superb quality and feel. The controls are all functional and easy to use.

The R-Class provides maximum levels of comfort. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and cabin space is more than adequate. The car’s cabin successfully minimizes road and engine noise.

The car provides easy accessibility. The car’s doors open widely and provide a decent sized aperture. Most passengers should be able to gain access to the car’s seats without any problem. The boot is easily accessible as well, providing a large aperture for loading.

The car is not the easiest to park, especially fully loaded. Passengers can limit rear visibility and make parking difficult. The car’s large side mirrors help out a lot and make parking the R-Class much easier.

Life Style

The R-Class is a unique car that provides all of the features of an MPV with 4×4 capabilities and maximum levels of comfort. The car is quick and offers comfortable motorway cruising.

The R-Class would make an excellent up-market family car. It offers plenty of space and versatility. The car is well-equipped and very comfortable with more than adequate storage space. The high-class interior may suffer at the hands of small children.

This is not a first car. It is too expensive and too large. Maneuvering the car through crowded streets can be difficult. Parking the R-Class can also be difficult and novice drivers should find a more affordable and easier car to drive. Mercedes-Benz has an excellent image of producing quality up-market cars that rival even the best competition. The Mercedes brand carries a lot of clout and the company sells cars not only on the vehicles merit, but also with the backing of the Mercedes badge. The R-Class is definitely worthy of the badge.

Security and Safety

The car’s basic security features include programmable locks, a security alarm, an engine immoboliser and an anti-lift feature. The car comes with a comprehensive security package and should be well protected.

Every R-Class gets six airbags including dual front, side and curtain, all-round three-point seatbelts and ISOFIX child seat mounting points. Front seats also receive the NECK-PRO system, which is designed to help prevent whiplash injuries. Mercedes-Benz also presents PRE-SAFE, which links up the brake assist and electronic stability programme and tensions the seatbelts, adjusts the driver’s seat position and closes the sunroof in preparation for an imminent collision.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system comes equipped with a radio and CD player. The basic unit boasts excellent sound quality.

The car also comes standard with the choice of metallic paint, leather interior, 19 inch alloy wheels, sports seats and aluminium trim to name a few. The R-Class is well equipped as standard and offers a good deal of kit.


The R-Class is a premium, up-market MPV. The car’s sporty good looks are very appealing and the car’s supreme quality is readily evident. The car also offers decent levels of power and performance on top of versatile seating positions and cargo carrying capabilities. The R-Class will be hard to beat.

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