Mercedes-Benz Viano

The Viano is a large Mercedes-Benz people carrier that is designed to carry eight people. The Viano shares much of its design with the Vito-Van. The car also boasts a four-wheel drive system that is sure to come in handy.


The Viano has come under fire in terms of comfort. The large vehicle doe not offer high levels of comfort like other rival brands and that will count against it with families and executive buyers.

The Viano offers high levels of equipment and the diesel engine options are the best choice for power. The 150bhp 2.2 CDI is the best choice for power and economy.

The car’s seats can be rearranged or taken out completely for added versatility. When the seats are completely removed the Viano provides enough cargo space to transport even the largest items easily.

The Mercedes-Benz Viano provides excellent value for the money. Considering the size and room that is on offer combined with the versatile seating and load lugging capabilities. The Viano may pose some parking issues and poor fuel economy but much of that is to be expected by such a large vehicle.


The Viano will be expensive to purchase initially, but service costs and insurance tend to be reasonable. It is thirsty and provides poor fuel economy, but the Viano should enjoy good resale values.

The Viano provides excellent passenger and cargo space. The van can seat eight passengers or seats can be rearranged or taken out completely to create more cargo space.

The car’s instrumentation is practical and easy to use. Controls and displays are large and logically located where you would expect to find them.

The car doesn’t score so well in terms of comfort. The seats are rather hard and don’t provide adequate support. Longer journey can become quite uncomfortable. Passenger and cabin space are excellent though.

The Viano provides excellent accessibility. The car’s sliding doors provide a large aperture and allow for easy loading of passengers or cargo. Even the car’s smaller doors provide good access to the car’s cabin area.

Parking can be difficult. Due to the vehicles large size it is sometimes hard to navigate through crowded parking lots or to find a space large enough to accommodate the huge Viano. Good visibility helps out a lot when it comes time to park.

Life Style

The Viano was not designed for performance or for the driver’s pleasure. The Viano was designed to be practical and versatile. The Viano handles these tasks well but could have had better seats.

This is a perfect family vehicle. It offers plenty of passenger space; it can seat up to eight people, and can carry even large cargo with minimal fuss. The Viano could easily handle family duties.


The Viano is not a good first car. It is way to large for what most first time buyers need and a novice driver may have difficulty navigating and parking the large vehicle. Fuel expenses are also high and would probably be problematic for new drivers.

The Viano isn’t as comfortable or luxurious as some of the bigger name rivals. It will have a difficult time competing in this sector. Mercedes-Benz is a brand with a lot of clout though and maybe the designer badge will be enough to sell the Viano.

Security and Safety

The vehicle is not likely to be high on the priority list of thieves. It comes equipped with remote central locking, and deadbolts for security.

The car’s standard safety features include front airbags, ABS with brake assist and skid reduction and window airbags are optional.

The Finishing Touches

The car offers the company’s COMMAND system. The system controls functions such as Sat-Nav, radio and CD player, telephone and other such issues. The system boasts good sound quality and a large easy to read display screen.

The car looks good in a variety of colours, but some colours seem to enhance the car’s large size and should be avoided. There are many cost-options available and the car’s price will quickly increase as options are added.


The Viano is a very large and versatile car. The seating for eight makes it a good choice for families or corporate buyers. The Viano can easily accommodate most cargo. Aside from the car’s comfort and handling issues it makes a lot of sense. Buyers will definitely want to check out the competition too.

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