Pay Monthly For Your Mercedes

Would you like to have a new Mercedes vehicle on your drive? There certainly aren’t many of us who wouldn’t answer that question with an emphatic yes, and following a conversation I had with a few colleagues last week I am going to talk about how much it might cost you to drive one. One of my colleagues owns a Mercedes-Benz C Class and I was asking him how he managed to afford it, considering that we’re on the same wage and I’d never have thought in a million years that I’d be able to drive a Mercedes. His is actually a used model, but he was telling me about the value of taking out a lease and that it usually represents the best option nowadays.


Mercedes C Class Coupe leasing deals can be found online for under £300 per month, which is really quite affordable in my opinion when you consider that some of the range topping superminis can cost in excess of £15,000 to buy new. The C Class is probably the most recognisable Mercedes in the range, it’s certainly the first car which comes to my mind when somebody mentions the brand. The coupe is stylish and handles superbly both in the city and for longer journeys.

Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate leasing offers are similarly priced too so when it comes down to making a decision between these cars all you need to think about is what you are looking for from the vehicle. Naturally the coupe is more stylish and sporty, but the estate brings practicality and space to the table. There’s room for a family of four or five to sit comfortably and the boot provides a decent amount of space for luggage. All C Class models in the range come well equipped which complements their fine interiors.

If you’re after something to cruise around in for the summer with the top down then a contract hire Mercedes E Class Cabriolet might be the vehicle for you. Most deals cost between £350 and £400 a month so it’s a little more expensive if you want the luxury of a convertible roof. The diesel engines in particular are far more frugal than you’d expect and emissions are relatively low too. The level of standard equipment is favourable and the interior quality is even more impressive than that of the C Class.

Although I believe all of the aforementioned models represent good value and could quite easily be afforded by someone even on a full time minimum wage, it is worth remembering that Mercedes is still a premium brand and many models are still incredibly expensive – even to lease. A contract hire Mercedes G Class for example will usually cost you at least £1,000 a month and on top of that a small fortune in fuel. This is of course a vehicle which can travel over almost any surface with ease and has an interior similar to one you’d expect to see James Bond in.

Bringing things back to reality, if you are in the market for a 4×4 then a contract hire Mercedes M Class comes in a lot cheaper than the G Class. You can still pay up to and over £1,000 a month but there are deals available for around half of this price. Make no mistake, this is still a pricey vehicle and it guzzles the black stuff pretty fast too, but it’s a vehicle which you’d be able to afford with a stable income providing you cut back on a few other luxuries. It is definitely worth going for a diesel engine with this car.

Finally, a car which I believe quite possibly represents the best value of the lot. A slightly sexier and sleeker alternative to the E Class Cabriolet is the contract hire Mercedes SLK Class. The cheapest derivatives start at just under £300 per month, and fuel costs are reasonable too. Moreover in terms of standard equipment you get practically everything.

If you want to drive a Mercedes, look for lease deals and cut back on your monthly expenditure – simple!

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